Everybody Looking to Improve Their Sport Needs Pilates

Athletes, Students, and any of you who love to play ball after work with friends: you may be looking to become more proficient at your favorite sport, so you start practicing harder and longer. As the adage goes, practice makes perfect. However, stepping outside of your sports training may be even more beneficial; we’re talking cross-training. By engaging in more than one type of exercise, cross-training can improve fitness and performance in your main sport. Pilates can improve your core strength, flexibility, coordination, and reduce the risk of injury in other activities.

Pilates is a full body workout that focuses on core strength.

Improving your core strength not only gives you great abs, but it improves your posture and your natural flexibility overall. When you strengthen your core, your muscles help to protect your back and neck, which may even relieve back pain. Additionally, when your core is strong and supported, your limbs can move more freely, which increases agility and performance.

When your muscles are flexible, it decreases the chances of tearing or pulling.

Pilates will improve flexibility and balance. Through strengthening your core, as well as strengthening your smaller supportive muscles, you will reduce your risk of injury and correct imbalances from over training main muscle groups. If you do get injured, Pilates is also perfect for recovery because of its low impact nature.

Pilates improves coordination.

When challenging your coordination in different ways outside of your sport, you will find increased performance in your game. Many Pilates exercises involve working your arms and legs in opposition and really focusing on each movement. It also requires pairing your breath with these movements, increasing your mind-body connection.

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