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Jamila Hastie

Pilates Instructor
Jamila Hastie is 28 years old and has been athletically engaged since a very young age. She’s originally from Atlanta, Georgia and is a graduate of Georgia State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in History. Jamila spent the following years living in San Francisco, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Los Angeles. Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, she took an Intro Pilates class and was hooked instantly. Less than a year later she obtained her certification through Club Pilates in North Hollywood. Driven by intuitive motivation, Jamila is inspired by her clients and is a mere guide to help them achieve their fitness goals. She constantly seeks to learn and refine her teaching skills so that she can guide individuals from all walks of life towards an active and balanced lifestyle. Throughout class, Jamila consistently provides descriptive and motivating cues that aim to simultaneously achieve correct form, incorporate breath, enhance the mind-body connection, foster confidence and develop abdominal strength.

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