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Stephanie Kraft

Pilates Instructor
Stephanie has had a passion for movement and the physical body her whole life. It has been a journey for her however to find her true calling of what she felt passionate about to make into her career. She started her career as a firefighter in which after four years discovered it did not fulfill her in the end. Following this she continued her college education studying nutrition and pre-physical therapy, meanwhile getting certified and teaching as a personal trainer in 2008. In her first year of personal training she was introduced to pilates and instantly fell in love with it's unique form of movement. She absorbed as much as she possibly could at her local pilates studio and incorporated it a great deal with most of her clients throughout the years. As her studies were focused on physical therapy, it took a bit longer for her to get the time to fit in a pilates certification program. She received her BS in exercise science in 2014 and decided after so many years of education she would take a more holistic route and teach yoga and pilates rather than continuing with the PT route. She is thrilled to finally be doing what she loves, which is helping people heal their bodies through the practice of pilates. Stephanie has now been teaching mat pilates, yoga and reformer pilates for over a year now.

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