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Vonie (Venita) Kalich

Pilates Instructor
Vonie took her first Pilates class in 2002, and it was love at first class. As a professional athlete, Vonie found Pilates improved her performance, reduce injuries, speeded up recovery from all the teaching she did and helped her to find better balance within her body. Vonie graduated from Portland State University with a BS in Physical Activity & Exercise, as well as a BS in Community Health and has taught fitness for 28 years and counting. She began her STOTT PILATES™/® instructor training in 2003 and taught Pilates up until 2017 when she took a sabbatical from teaching fitness. She’s back at it to help others to find the joy and benefits she found in the Pilates Method. Vonie believes that Pilates challenges the body’s functional capacity for greater strength and flexibility, which sets a solid foundation for quality of movement in everyday living. In her spare time, Vonie is a Life Coach. She enjoys spending time with her horse, Cody and her granddaughter Madelyn.

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