Pilates Instructor
Susan holds a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She is a comprehensively certified Pilates Instructor trained with Balanced Body of Sacramento. As a lifelong learner, she continues to expand her knowledge completing courses in Pre and Post-Natal Wellness, Shoulder and Walking Biomechanics, Sacroiliac Function and Pilates, and Pilates for Osteoporosis. Susan began her Pilates journey over 10 years ago practicing in the Metro area. She found Pilates after an injury. Pilates helped her recovery and with body transformation. As a practitioner and instructor, Susan is inspired by how Pilates re-educates and heals the body. She has benefited from improved strength, flexibility, balance, posture, increased lung capacity for sports and living an active lifestyle. Outside of sharing her passion for Pilates and healthy living, Susan enjoys music, family, travel, hiking, outdoors, and hanging out with friends. She designs classes suitable for all ages, body types and fitness level. Susan is committed to helping others achieve effective movement with a renewed sense of well-being.

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