Using Pilates to Battle My Arthritis

I had severe arthritis in my right hand and arm before joining Club Pilates. I had a trainer for 4-1/2 years (twice a week) to focus on rehabilitating my arthritis. I had tried yoga and Soul Cycle in the past but it all made my arthritis worse. There was too much pressure on my hands.


Annie at Club Pilates Tribeca

My doctor had given me two options – Surgery or Medication.

I opted for neither. I am currently taking high blood pressure and thyroid medication. I did not want to take any additional medication, and surgery was definitely not something I wanted to go through. I am an active person and did not want surgery to slow me down, or make it worse. I knew Pilates was created as a form of physical therapy and believed that it would help alleviate some pain. I decided to give it a try.

When I first came to Club Pilates, I was impressed with the cool decor, variety of exercises and the many levels of classes that they offered. After joining Club Pilates and attending regularly for the first 4 months, I no longer have any pain! Now having been a member for a year, I feel stronger, fitter and leaner than ever.

Pilates is absolutely the reason I no longer have any arthritis pain.

I have been praising Club Pilates for my cure! My doctor is so pleased with my results. I have much more mobility in my right hand and arm since I started doing Pilates!

My absolute favorite thing about going to the studio is that it feels like visiting friends and getting a daily dose of wellness. Also, I feel really welcomed by the staff and instructors. I am surprised that I have gained confidence and am happy to see my posture improving as well. I believe the form and stretching we do in class has also elongated my body. I have more energy and feel like it’s a total workout after each class. With the Pilates method, I feel more balanced, flexible and stronger.