Member Success Story: Terri Krause

Written by Terri Krause, member at Club Pilates Frisco:


Over 15 years ago, I began taking Pilates in California with instructors who became master Balanced Body instructors. The duet lessons gave me a great foundation and love for the movements. I moved to Texas in 2003 and attempted to find the right studio for me. I had high standards to find the right instructors. Various things happened (studio closed, bad instructors) and I quit looking.

Flash forward to 2014. I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I had not been working out all those years and my whole life revolved around my job and the awful commute. After treatment, I was not recovering very quickly. I developed lymphedema in my right arm after lymph node removal. My husband encouraged me to quit working, so I did. There were various other things going on and we did some traveling for a few years, however, I spent a lot of time on the couch.
I did a couple of studies at Texas universities about the effects of breast cancer treatment on women. In July of 2016, I did one that included my eating habits, and I was put in a bod pod to measure my body composition. I was horrified to see the fat percentage…but I didn’t change any habits. My former duet partner (who started me on my Pilates journey) had moved to Colorado and raved about Club Pilates. I told her we didn’t have any in the area. After about a year, I looked online and saw Club Pilates Frisco was opening! Based on my many questions to the general manager and owner, as well as my friend’s recommendation, I decided to join before they opened.

There was another private studio opening around the same time closer to my home, but I liked the training requirements CP has for their instructors and the variety of classes.

I started taking classes the first week they opened in February 2017. I was immediately addicted. The instructors were encouraging and supportive of me with my out of shape body. They never made me feel bad, but in fact made me feel like I could actually accomplish my fitness goals. Accommodations are given in class for my arm so I can work on making it stronger (I could barely take a water cap off a bottle when my arm was swollen). Every time I walk in, the staff members greet me like I’m an old friend. I find myself revolving my schedule around my favorite instructors.
In May I was on a trip with my husband. About midway through the trip, he told me he could see a difference in how I moved and that Pilates was really working for me. He also commented that I wasn’t using my compression pump for moving the lymphatic fluid in my arm like I used to have to do. Pilates was moving it naturally! I started getting random compliments from people that my posture was good and that I stood differently. I decided that perhaps I should change my eating habits. I’m making better choices these days but I’m still not perfect. I talked to a fitness coach and he suggested an app to track my food intake as well as a scale to monitor my progress. I’m excited to say that going to Club Pilates has helped me reduce my body fat by over 16% and I’ve lost over 10 pounds. I am also down two sizes in clothing.

But the best feeling ever is when your oncology surgeon notices the changes in your body, looks you in the eyes and says, “it’s lowering your chances of reoccurrence”.

Pictured: Terri Krause, second from right with the sleeve on her arm worn due to her lymphodema.
My medical oncologist told me to ignore the scale and to keep doing what I’m doing. After years of being to told to exercise and to lose weight it’s so nice to hear those words. I have set some personal goals and I took my 100th Club Pilates class on my 64th birthday. I used to not mention my age, but after cancer I want people to know that if I can do it, anyone can. I have a long way to go, but I know Club Pilates Frisco’s instructors will be beside me as I progress.
Club Pilates has made it affordable to join a studio that has outstanding instructors in a warm, inclusive environment. I have met other cancer survivors as well as women with serious health issues working out at Club Pilates. By having instructors who are educated and supportive, we have found the perfect place to work out. Thank you Nathalie for choosing to open in Frisco. (Even though I drive 20 miles round trip, I wouldn’t change it). Thank you for creating a warm environment. Thank you to the instructors who encourage me each and every time, Alexis, Alicia and Nimisha, as I couldn’t have progressed without you. Thank you to my daughter and friends who have joined Club Pilates. It is so encouraging to have you beside me. Thank you to the new friends I’ve made at Club Pilates. I always look forward to seeing their faces in class!