Have a friend that you would LOVE to take to a Club Pilates class with you?  Don’t know how to referafriendget a guest pass for him or her to join you?  Look no further than your new app!  All you need to do is fill out the person’s first and last name, their email, and their phone number.  Once you hit send you will receive a confirmation screen and an email will be sent to you confirming the information that you gave about the friend you referred.  From there the team at Club Pilates will call and get the ball rolling for the guest pass.  It’s that simple!  What better way to get your family and friends moving when they visit this holiday season than by getting them to go to class with you?!


activityfeedThe activity feed feature is amazing!  You can see who has been at working out, how long they worked out for, what tracking device they use (FitBit, MyFitnessPal, etc), and calories burned.  You can also comment or applaud people as they work their way to their personal goals.  There is also a “My Feed” where you can see what you have posted to the “Club” feed.  What better way to increase a healthy community and to cheer on your fitness pals at Club Pilates then by sending out a few positive comments, clicking the applause button and posting your own achievements.


socialmediaThe social media feed for the Club Pilates app is so easy.  You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to post your achievement.  First click on the platform you want to use, then click “join” log into your account and BOOM you are linked! When you are on the Club Pilates app and you click on “Social Media” it will instantly take you to the Club Pilates Facebook page.  This is a great way to see the latest articles, share your experience, or write a rave review for your favorite workout facility!


Finally hooking up your fitness tracker, this app has 10 of the most popular fitness trackers out there to aid in your fitness goals.  Everything from FitBit to connected-appsMyFitnessPal, to Runkeeper, take a moment and find your device, then click “link.”  Once you enter in your information you can select or deselect information that you want to share from your tracker to the Club Pilates app.  At lightning speed once you tap “allow” you are connected, from there all of your workouts are tracked and logged.  You can view your progress by week, month, or year.  You can post your workout to your linked social media pages from the “Activity Feed.”  All these fabulous  features are free once you download and use the Club Pilates app!