This month’s client spotlight was such a joy to interview.  She is a 100% Pilates believer when it comes to the ability to transform your body and self from the inside out.  Diane grew up with movement in her life.  From an early age, Diane was involved in tap and ballet.  When she got to college she continued to keep herself moving with Barre classes and really took note of her kinesthetic awareness when performing the small yet highly effective moves that Barre has to offer.  Looking to get that heart-rate up and establish cardio-health Diane also signed up for aerobics classes.  It was at that point she realized that, “you can reshape yourself with exercise or lack thereof…”

Diane was incredibly down to earth and warm as she shared with me some of the experiences she has had marching through time and trying to keep herself healthy when she shared with me the fall she experienced over a year ago.

One day when she was at home, she slipped and fell on the stairs at her house in January of 2015 and broke her ankle.  In an effort to try to heal, she did not want to rush recovery and was diligent about attending her physical therapy appointments and was mindful of the amount of pressure she put on her healing joint.  Overtime, she realized that since she was trying to make a full recovery she wasn’t placing as much weight or an equal amount of distance between her two feet when she walked or moved.  Soon she could feel the imbalance between her healthy side and her recovering side which resulted in hip pain.  Even though she was in physical therapy they only treated her ankle, not the new condition that had popped up and started to impact her movement.  Diane started to read about Pilates and recalled how similar some the information was to the yoga she had experienced over the years.  As she was going about her daily business, Diane noticed that a Club Pilates was going to be very close to where she lived and she became very interested in what the classes had to offer.

After getting the “all clear” from the doctor, Diane started attending classes regularly at Club Pilates and slowly started noticing changes here and there.  It wasn’t long before her hip pain ceased and her energy levels skyrocketed.  Before she knew it, her outward appearance started to match her inside feelings, “I feel 10 years younger and my husband says I look it too!”  You could hear Diane smiling through the phone.  Throughout her Pilates experiences Diane began noticing how Pilates works these tiny muscles that we often overlook when we work out.  She also noted that when she had her fall, if she would have had a stronger core and greater upper body strength like she does today, her injury may have not been so grave.

With encouragement from all the friendly instructors and with her commitment to going to classes, Diane is able to feel an all around sense of increased confidence.  Some of the best points that Diane spoke about were how she doesn’t compare herself to others in class because of the way the reformers are.  She also shared that by not looking directly into a mirror or at a fellow classmate, she is able to feel internally where her body is on the reformer and make those connections between upper and lower body.  She also makes corrections to her movements that need to be made if an exercise doesn’t feel right.

As our conversation ended and I felt like I had known Diane my entire life, she had some words of wisdom for all of us no matter age, gender, or ability level and that was changes happen slowly.  Sometimes when she is in class she can hear others who are upset with not losing weight quick enough or not seeing as drastic results as they thought they would.  Diane says the trick is to understand you are undergoing a body/life transformation.  By going to Pilates you are increasing your abilities to play with your grandchildren, reach for objects that you haven’t been able to reach in years, you are losing fat and gaining muscle which means the scale may not move, but your clothes will fit you differently.  At the end of the day, the older we get, the harder it is to have results show as fast as we would like them, but if we dedicate ourselves to healthy choices when we eat and drink and make a commitment to physical activity, you will feel better and soon that feeling will be reflected outside your body too.