Golf is not an Athletic Sport | Pilates for Golf

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I often hear golf described as a non-athletic sport. To put things into perspective, consider that the head of a golf club can travel upwards of 100 miles per hour. That takes a lot of power! Amateur golfers achieve approximately 90% of their peak muscle activity when driving a golf ball. That’s the same intensity as lifting a weight that can only be lifted up to four times before experiencing fatigue. Understanding the science behind our body and muscles can shed some light on how golf is comparable to some of the major contact sports!

So, what do golfers need to improve athletic performance while reducing aches and pains? The key components are quite simple to write, but much harder to master. They are:

1) Flexibility

2) A strong center of gravity

3) Refined motor skills

4) Proper posture.

Pilates is an amazing tool to improve your golf game. Even the most basic Pilates exercises can help develop all the key components mentioned above. Since bringing Pilates into my own practice, many of my clients have experienced large improvements in both their body awareness and golf score. Pilates has also helped my clients quickly relieve aches and pains.

I have also found myofascial stretching to be a great compliment to Pilates for increasing range of motion and overall health. ELDOA targets specific joints to help decompress as well as strengthen the body. The name of this tool is a French acronym that translates into English as Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretches (LOADS). Learn more about this practice in a blog post coming soon!

I challenge all golfers out there (yes, men too) to sign up for a FREE introductory class at Club Pilates to experience what Pilates can do for their body and golf score! Stay tuned as we dig deeper into the key components needed to improve your game while decreasing aches and pains. You won’t want to miss out on a few simple exercises you can do anywhere!

Author: Kevin Cardone, MBA, ELDOA Student Practioner, CHEK Golf Biomechanics & Specialist Pilates Instructor

Editor: Stephanie Little, Club Pilates East Cobb studio owner