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Meet Your Master Trainer!

Holly has been a fully comprehensive BASI pilates instructor for the last ten years. She is a certified Master Trainer and has done additional training specialising with pre/postnatal, dancers and injuries and pathologies.
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Meet Your Master Trainer!



  • BASI 2013
  • Contemporary
Additional Certifications
TRX, Barre Above with Pilates Focus, TriggerPoint, Ballerobica, Floor Barre, Pilates Anatomy, Yoga, PMA, NPCP, Nutritional Therapist


Holly's love of dance from the age of three guided her into the fitness world. Holly has an extensive background in barre, pilates, rehabilitation, yoga, dance and more. She was trained in BASI pilates in PHX, USA at the age of 19 specializing in injury recovery. She moved to Sydney Australia where she was a full-time dancer and taught full-time Pilates as well. She went on to focus in pre-postnatal for two years along with training specifically to dancers and professional athletes as well as continuing working with physiotherapist recovering their clients. She grew even more passionate for helping people move with proper body mechanics after suffering with a back injury and being diagnosed with arthritis which blossomed her curiosity on how Pilates could help with auto-immune diseases. After nearly 5 years in Australia she accepted a Lead Instructor position in New York City to help open two studios that became high volume. Alongside being lead Holly believes the best teachers are forever learners so she worked under the well-known holistic Pilates guru of New York to continue her knowledge of the body as well as doing many continuing education courses yearly. Holly loves spending her holidays guest teaching at resorts or going on adventures that she will quickly admit without Pilates her body probably couldn’t handle the physical load. She believes people are stronger than they know they simply need support and to be told how to get there safely so her teaching style matches that belief. She believes with the right education, consistency and support you can reach goals you didn’t even think were possible.


Holly’s commitment and passion for pilates has propelled her to become a master trainer. She loves to share her knowledge with others and is excited to see how the trainees develop through the process.