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Meet Your Master Trainer!

Cynthia Logsdon
Starting a new career? Gathering more Pilates knowledge? Wanting to share your passion with others? You are in the right place. With Club Pilates Teacher Training, you will get all of that, and more. My name is Cynthia, and I will be your Master Trainer and Mentor throughout your training and well beyond. Welcome to Club Pilates Teacher Training!
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Meet Your Master Trainer!

Cynthia Logsdon
Cynthia’s Pilates Training extends more than 20 years. She has multiple certifications, a specialty in Scoliosis, and has studied with several Pilates Elders. She brings a twist to Pilates Teacher Training that encourages a positive energy and challenges the “Why” behind The Method
“Learning how to teach Pilates from Cynthia has been amazing. My understanding of the benefits of Pilates has grown substantially. The confidence I had in my own teaching was strong from day one working as an instructor at my first Pilates Studio – Janice