Wedding Workout: This Dedicated Pilates Couple Worked Out the Day Before Their Wedding!

Constance is a founding member who joined Club Pilates prior to opening. She brought her “beloved” boyfriend (as she calls him) shortly after to sign-up for an unlimited membership. As avid members in the studio, Constance and Tim work out almost every weekday morning at 7am together. She also participates in private training sessions. They married last fall and celebrated with a pre- wedding workout in the studio!

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for about 15 years now. When I was introduced to the Reformer, I was so surprised with how much I loved it!” Constance says. She joined Club Pilates and was so impressed with the whole studio, classes, and instructors that she started raving about it to Tim. She reports that the Club Pilates manager created a really good environment and she felt at home because it was not intimidating. Tim wanted to gain more flexibility, so he decided to give Pilates a shot and now loves the workout because “it’s different than the typical workouts you do at the gym”. He also adds that the Instructors have different styles and always keep it interesting.


Tim happily announces that they take classes together and that it’s very fun for the both of them because they make jokes and laugh during the class. Constance chimes in laughing, “the instructors will usually put us both in the back corner of the class because we can cause trouble”. Constance is so sweet and sometimes will take classes at a less convenient time just so she can be in class with her hubby. They both have a lot of fun during Pilates, check out this picture of the day before their wedding!

Constance goes on to tell how Pilates has changed her outlook on fitness and her future: as she ages, she now has a better workout option with less impact on her joints. Since they both do indoor cycling, yoga, weight training… It’s a great addition to their current fitness routine, tightening the core and increasing range of motion. Tim adds that they have gained friends at the studio and socialize with other couples outside the studio as well. Constance and Tim have the unlimited membership because they like to travel, which really helps out with their schedule!

Thanks for sharing your story, Tim and Constance!