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Our Foundational Principles

At Club Pilates, our brand values provide a foundation for our engagement with our members and our communities around the globe.

Empowerment & Enhancement

Club Pilates empowers our members to make positive changes to their health and to their lives.

Inclusion & Community

Club Pilates provides a welcoming, safe and supportive space so that everybody can experience the benefits of Pilates.

Quality & Consistency

Every Club Pilates studio offers the same superior experience with the same level of expertise and instruction - all at an unexpected value.

Empowerment & Enhancement

Club Pilates will continue to evolve to lead the way for our members and for the fitness industry as a whole. Every day we demonstrate how accessible Pilates is for everybody.

Knowledge & Integrity

Club Pilates instructors have more trained hours across more Pilates disciplines than the industry standard, to fully deliver on our promises to our members.