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Club Pilates Corporate Wellness offers partner companies incentives to help their employees to move better, feel better and live better.

Club Pilates offers low-impact, full-body workouts with a range of class offerings that challenge your mind a well as your body.

Our National Partners:

Corporate Wellness Partner employees receive exclusive membership benefits.

Healthy Employees means
Happy Employees

Advantages to having healthy employees includes:

Increased Productivity

through increased energy and improved focus with a motivation to consistently meet goals and quotas.

Boosted Morale

due to increase serotonin produced from regular and consistent exercise.

Employee Retention

with satisfied and loyal employees that attain a high tenure and cohesiveness among team members and a focus on successful business practices.

“The strength that I have gained has allowed me to do so much more outside of the studio. I have never felt stronger and more confident in my entire life. I just knew it was an exercise that I was going to make a part of my life for forever. Club Pilates has become my home.”

— Amy Wise, NJ

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