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Katie  Smith

Katie Smith

Owner/ Instructor
Katie has played competitive sports most of her life. Many of them were very hard on her body. and when she hit her 40’s she kept getting injuries from continuing the same type of workouts, as well as new ones she tried. Also, sitting at a desk for 23 years and traveling with a highly stressful job, made her injuries much worse. She suffered herniated discs in her neck, two knee surgeries, vertigo and shoulder issues. Learning that surgeries can be hit or miss, she realized she had to do something that she had better odds at sustaining health through her lifetime. She joined Club Pilates at the midtown location. The instructors helped her to modify around her injuries and become stronger, which helped her in all aspects of life. With so much passion about this new fitness path, she decided she wanted to go bigger! She wanted to make Pilates not a piece but her whole life. She looked into franchise opportunities and truly believed in the model. Next steps were to quit her job and became all in! Sure, it was a huge risk but nothing was more important to her than health. She immersed herself to learn all aspects of this new career, especially teaching! She started the Club Pilates 500 hour teacher program and finished the program within a year. Through this journey, she learned so much about the human body. This has enabled her to help others with their injuries, coming from a place where she overcame many of them herself. Her goals are safe, effective exercises that are accessible to all while giving a full body workout.