You can’t offer the finest Pilates classes in the world without the best staff of trainers. Our proprietary 500-hour comprehensive Club Pilates Teacher Training program ensures that our graduates are experts, which in turn enables our customers to safely get the most out of their workouts.

A program as unique as you are

Your goals, on your time.

Our flexible program allows you to complete your education on your schedule. Finish in as fast as six months, or take your time as you learn.

Full apparatus training.

Most Pilates education programs only teach a limited repertoire. Our training includes all Club Pilates equipment in a single program fee.

Study online and in-studio.

Our 500-hour training comprises in-studio, hands-on learning on full apparatus, as well as an online lecture platform for 24/7 student access.

Mentorship and support.

You’ll have access to Club Pilates educators and Master Trainers as you continue on your journey. Learn from experienced instructors as you progress!

A program as unique as you are

Club Pilates Teacher Training is the first 500-hour Pilates education program to emphasize teaching group Pilates apparatus classes. Our established, comprehensive program provides a challenging yet nurturing environment, perfect for dedicated practitioners who are ready to take the next step in their journey.

In the program, we dive immediately into the structure of the human body – covering anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and applied kinesiology. You’ll use these fundamentals throughout the in-depth and rigorous studio sessions – first learning how the body works, and then learning how to apply this knowledge through Pilates-evolved and Pilates-based exercises. Our robust online training portal gives you continuous access to support materials.

While mastering Pilates techniques, our student teachers learn how to address the imbalances and injuries that people face in everyday life. Graduates of our training program develop a complete understanding of the musculoskeletal structure and system, gaining valuable insight to help clients suffering from many types of injury, while safely exercising and challenging individuals of all skill and ability levels. We encourage individuality and creativity while teaching you how to safely apply the Pilates fundamentals.

The Student Experience

“Teacher Training at Club Pilates has drastically changed my life! I am able to confidently lead people through a great workout and I am also more knowledgeable about the body and how it functions.

The in-studio lessons and self-paced hours were very convenient to my busy lifestyle. Club Pilates Teacher Training is really unique and a wonderful experience!!”

– Lenise Jackson,
2017 CPTT graduate & Club Pilates Instructor

“I loved the program – especially how the Master Trainers were there to help me through.

I would recommend Club Pilates Teacher Training to anyone!”

– Ricardo Granados,
2017 CPTT graduate & Club Pilates Instructor

Convinced? Let’s Do This.

Club Pilates Teacher Training is held nationwide throughout the year. Start your journey today!

Your Future Just Got Brighter

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


This is the Club Pilates studio location where Teacher Training students will practice, observe, and go to the in-studio applied learning practical sessions – most likely the studio where you signed up. Always contact your host studio location with any questions in regards to the program. This is the studio you are granted ongoing access to, in order to complete the program.


Club Pilates is the only 500-hour comprehensive Pilates educational program that also includes specialties in TRX®, barre, and TriggerPoint®. After graduating from our course, these additional specializations will help to make you exponentially more marketable than your competitors. We are also the first and only program with an interactive, online learning portal where you watch the lecture portions of the program at your own pace and in your own comfortable environment. You will watch and study these portions of the course while taking notes prior to attending the first of the in-studio, applied learning practical sessions. You will have access to all online materials and the studio facilities for one year to aid in your completion of the Club Pilates Teacher Training program.


Club Pilates Teacher Training tuition is $4,750. A $2,000 minimum non-refundable deposit is required in order to start. The additional $2,750 can be paid in five installments of $599 each (including a $49 monthly payment processing fee), or in total at any time before the in-studio practical sessions begin. Once the course begins, you have five months to pay the remaining portion.


$4,750 includes Club Pilates Teacher Training manuals, access to our online educational materials, access to the Host Studio, and guidance from your master trainer/mentorship for an entire year. Access to the Host Studio is provided for up to 12 months upon date of issued personal student fitness liability insurance. Access to a studio is needed to complete program hours.


After completing the in-studio practical sessions, students need to purchase Personal Liability Insurance in order to to gain access to the Host Studio for self-practice and practice teaching hours. Insurance policy must name Host Studio and Club Pilates Franchise LLC as additional insured. Insurance can be purchased through IDEA or the PMA. Students must also purchase one book (listed below under Materials, along with optional resources). Students may also need to print study guides; while the study guides are free, you may have to pay to have them printed, depending on your situation.


You will receive login information for our online learning portal within 1-2 business days; you will have access to the portal for one year. Your Host Studio will then follow up with a phone call prior to the first in-studio applied learning practical session.


Club Pilates Teacher Training includes twelve set days of training, presented in a modular series format for the best learning – typically on Saturdays and Sundays. Each session includes five-and-a-half hours of total learning time, with an hour of scheduled breaks since you will be moving and teaching the whole time. Students are required to attend all 12 In-Studio Applied Learning Sessions for their course. Attendance is tracked.


On each of the 12 days on which you attend an In-Studio Applied Learning Session, the information presented is referred to as a Module. There are 12 Modules, each with accompanying online material including lectures on anatomy and biomechanics, informative videos, and breakdowns of all of the exercises. Each Module is one day of training.

As a student, you will read/watch the Module 1 content online, print the Module 1 study guide in the online learning portal, and take notes on the study guide as it correlates with the videos; you will then attend the corresponding In-Studio Applied Learning session for Module 1. This repeats through Module 12. After every training session, it helps to review the notes and videos for the Module you just completed, to gain the most information from your training!


Students will purchase and read “The Return to Life Through Contrology” by Joseph Pilates.


You will need to complete all hours and assignments indicated in the online learning portal. Your progress through the course is self-tracked and overseen by your host studio and mentors; we’ll follow you with guidance on how to stay on-course every step of the way. The last steps of your program include practical and applied learning test-outs, as well as a formal exam.

Sessions & Enrollment

Club Pilates Teacher Training is held nationwide throughout the year. See upcoming sessions below and start your journey:

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