meet team Progress Ridge

  • Dan Dan

    Dan Wynkoop

    Dan is a 40 year senior level Corporate Finance professional with extensive experience in outsourced call centers and outsourced data centers. His focus has been Operations Finance, budget and forecasts, new business development and contracts. Working side by side with Operations staff, he has the innate ability to demonstrate how key metrics impact financial goals. He has 10 years experience with a global outsourced call center where he was responsible for $650M revenue covering US, Canada, Latin America, Central America and Asia supporting 26 locations with 19 Finance Managers and Finance Analysts reporting to him. Dan also was Director of Business Insights for Nike Consumer Services for 3 years supporting, insuring the outsourced call centers were appropriate staffed to handle consumer inquiries and understanding the root cause of customer contact reasons. After Nike, Dan decided to leave the corporate world to enter entrepreneurship in a fun business that affords positive benefits for customers. After an exhaustive due diligence process, Dan and Debbie opened Club Pilates Progress Ridge in Beaverton in June, 2016. Dan looks forward to seeing members improve their quality of life through Pilates workouts and believes whole hearted “It is not about the 1 hour in the studio, it is about living better the other 23 hours of your day.” Dan is a 15 year avid recreational cyclist riding up to 4500 miles annually. He is heavily involved with Portland Velo cycling club. Dan is also a Board Member of Financial Executives International (FEI) which is the premier financial association for senior level finance professionals.

  • Debbie Debbie

    Debbie Wynkoop

    Debbie owned and operated a home-based business for 25 years performing outsourced medical transcription for independent physician practices in the Portland area using digital equipment. Debbie's anchor client was a four physician practice which she serviced for 25 years while other physician practices came and went. Due to the adoption of electronic health records, outsourced medical transcription services were no longer required. Since 2012, Debbie has been a retail sales associate for JC Penney, gaining valuable experience working with retail customers. Debbie enjoys being part of Club Pilates and being mom to two adult daughters and their husbands as well as being Nana to one amazing grandson.

  • Brianna Brianna

    Brianna Griggs

    Brianna found Pilates during her time studying Athletic Training at Oregon State University. It was first integrated in her career as a means to help rehabilitate the athletes she worked with, but she soon discovered the many benefits Pilates provides for all individuals, and wanted to pursue teaching so that she could better promote Pilates to the rest of the community. Combining what she has learned from her degree in Exercise and Sports Science, and her experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Brianna has come to refer to Pilates as "Cross Training for life.". Brianna's focus when teaching is to identify a person's needs, not only to help reach their fitness goals, but to improve movements in activities of daily living. When she isn't teaching you can find her snowboarding, rock climbing, eating, and snuggling her dogs and cat.

    CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins)
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Stubbs-Brandimore

    Elizabeth started her formal Pilates training in Colorado due to a lifelong love of athletics and movement. Her love of exercise and the outdoors brought her to Portland where she opened Northwest Pilates about 10 years ago. Elizabeth is training in both classical and progressive methods of Pilates and has trained many in the art of teaching Pilates. Elizabeth is joining Club Pilates as a national brand to enhance her ability to teach Pilates to a greater audience. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys golf, tennis, running and wine tasting.

    CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Center + Balance (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Center + Balance (50 Mins)