meet team Scottsdale Shea

  • Ashley Ashley

    Ashley LeGrand-Jahner

    Hi I am Ashley LeGrand-Jahner, I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and I have been living in Scottsdale for 10 years! I am a Certified Pilates Sports Center Instructor and I have been teaching for three years now and I absolutely love it! The thing I enjoy most about teaching Pilates is witnessing the change in my clients mind and their bodies, Pilates is such a disciplined practice and watching my clients confidence soar and how happy they are when they come to class is the most gratifying feeling. Pilates helped me become a stronger version of myself, through practicing pilates, not only did my body change (for the better) but I felt better! Taller, leaner, happier, less stressed. If you have been taking Pilates for years and/or you are a first time Pilates client, I highly encourage you to come in and take a class, you will be hooked! We offer a beautiful studio, excellent instructors and a fun environment to get in the best shape and feel like you are part of our Pilates family!

    CP Control 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins)
  • Brittany Brittany

    Brittany Rowe

    Hello, My name is Brittany Rowe. I was born and raised in New Hampshire. I made the move to California after high school where I received my Pilates Instructor certification in 2012 from Pilates Sports Center in San Francisco. I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Dance from San Francisco State University.  While in college, I student-taught Pilates, Ballet, and Choreography. This early exposure prepared me for the challenges of working in the fitness area.    I live the lifestyle she teach!  I'm active, athletic, and I enjoy blending in some cardio for overall health and fitness. Having studied dance and performance throughout my life, I understands the importance of balance, alignment, and posture, and the effect these elements play in day-to-day routines.   My dedication to my clients is shown in the relationships and connections i foster. The most fulfilling aspect of my job is guiding my clients into a balanced state of physical and mental health. I walk my clients through functional movement and encourage them to apply it to their everyday functions and movement.    The combination my passion for ballet and formal training in Pilates makes the perfect package to demonstrate and teach fitness to the community.  I look forward to meeting each client where they are. Club Pilates allows me to create a fun program that will guide you towards a sense of ease, strength, links, and awareness with in mind-body! 

    CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins), CP F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 2 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins)
  • Randi Randi

    Randi Graves

    Hello, my name is Randi Graves, I am from Pinetop, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University. Following college, I lived in Los Angeles, California, and Aspen, Colorado where I became a huge Pilates fan. I have been a Pilates enthusiast for over a decade now, which is why I began my journey as a Pilates Instructor 6 months ago. I specialize in working with people who want to better their sport and daily activities while making mind-body connections. As your Pilates Instructor, I promise to balance your body and teach you to move through your core using correct movement patterns that will greatly improve your performance, muscle tone, and decrease your risk of injury. Throughout my journey, I discovered that Pilates is not only a fabulous workout it is a place to teach your muscles to fire correctly so you can better do all your other favorite fitness/daily living activities. It keeps your body in complete balance. When I started Pilates my energy levels and physical posture increased drastically. I would love to see you come in for a complimentary class so I can help you reach your fitness and life goals. No matter if you have never tried Pilates before or if you have been doing Pilates for a long time, everyone is welcome to join me in the studio! I will provide you with a fun, motivating, and positive filled class, including excellent music to keep you smiling while I teach you how to move your body in the correct alignment. Look forward to meeting you at the studio!

    CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Center + Balance (50 Mins), Intro
  • Jamie Jamie

    Jamie Tarkington

    Jamie was introduced to Pilates in 2003 when a fellow instructor suggested she try a mat class. This very quickly grew into a passion and love that was unparalleled to anything else she had experienced. Jamie’s connection to the discipline and hard work of Pilates led her to dive deeper into education and the idea of teaching. Since 2013 she has been sharing her love and understanding with others. She teaches all of her classes with upbeat and positive energy. Jamie is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher in Reformer, Chair and Cadillac and continues to attend workshops and conferences to expand her knowledge. She holds a BA in Communication from California State University Long Beach and enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

  • Jessica Jessica

    Jessica Marinos

    Pilates peaked my interest about 7 years ago. I was in the beginning of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle and wanted to incorporate fitness. I went to a small boutique Pilates studio and fell in love. I knew then and there I not only wanted to practice Pilates, but I wanted to learn more about the mechanics and teach others how amazing it was. I went through a year long training and apprenticeship to start my teaching journey. I have taught small to large reformer classes, mat classes, barre classes, and boot camps. About 2 years after my training I went through a 200 hour yoga teacher training and help write some programs for a couple studies in the valley. When I found Club Pilates I knew it was something special. Not only are all our instructors extremely well educated, but we are all so versatile. I am currently in the process of completing a 750 hour Holistic Nutrition practitioner degree and hope to combine it with my fitness.

  • Helen Helen

    Helen Falco

    Over the past 17 years, I have had a tremendous opportunity to teach the Pilates method to all age groups from Beginners to Professional Athletes. With additional certifications in Personal Training, Functional movement, and Group Fitness, this has allowed me to create, adapt and modify Pilates programs and applications to help facilitate form and function to ALL my students and clients, thus, improving their state of Wellness. Throughout my teaching career, I have seen the amazing benefits of a Pilates based program change and transform lives; thus, inspiring me to continue reaching new heights not only in my career, but my personal life as well. I have been trained in and have embraced the Classical Pilates method, adopted from Joseph Pilates' original teachings; but have, over the years, melded contemporary modalities in order to shape my personal teaching style, which reflects a balanced, energetic, effective and fun movement experience for all.

  • Miranda Miranda

    Miranda Covino

    I was born and raised in Southern California but traveled east to pursue my dream of living in New York City where I graduated with a business degree from Fordham University. After college I worked for a series of different tech start-ups and had to compliment my long days of sitting at a desk with working out. I had probably tried every workout out there but it wasn't until I found Pilates that I really saw a change in the way my body looked and felt. I quickly fell in love and knew it was my passion.  About a year ago I decided to follow that passion and trained classically at the Kane School in Manhattan. I recently made the move back west and am loving the beauty of Arizona and working with all my amazing clients and students here!

  • Ranyika Ranyika

    Ranyika Maraoui

    Hi,  My name is Ranyika Maraoui.  I am originally from New Jersey and have been living in Scottsdale since 2001.  I have three children and understand how life can be busy and stressful.    I have been doing Pilates for the last 10 years and teaching for the last 5 years loving every minute of it.   I truly enjoy what Pilates can do for you physically and mentally.   What I love about Pilates is that it will never be boring to you, there are so many different exercises that are offered in the studio from using the reformer,  Mat, EXO Chair,  TRX and spring board,   It will have many benefits from the mind to the body.  Pilates is meant for all different body types and levels of fitness.  You will see improvements in range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture and abdominal strength.    So take an hour for yourself to strengthen your mind and body……. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your fitness goals!

    CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 1 (50 Mins), Intro, CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Control 1.5 (50 Mins)
  • Liliana Liliana

    Liliana Cuzzocrea

    Hi I’m Liliana, I’m a Pilates Method Alliance certified instructor, and I have been learning and teaching Pilates since 2013. I’m happy to have been trained with the Balanced Body school in the full Pilates apparatus. Before starting in my Pilates journey I have been a Personal Trainer for many years, practiced different sports, outdoor and indoor, and started out with ballet as a child at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, Italy (which is where I’m from by the way). My favorite outdoor activity now is cycling. What I try to convey with my teaching is that Pilates is not just a workout. It is the foundation of posture, strength, flexibility and balance in everything that is related to movement, from your everyday life’s activities to anything you do to keep your body (and your mind as a consequence) happy and healthy! Pilates is the best choice to pursue and achieve results that are going to stick and stay with you for a lifetime. See you in class!   

  • Barbara Barbara

    Barbara Sarnataro

    Barbara Russi Sarnataro is a classically-trained, PMA-certified Pilates teacher who has been teaching Pilates for more than 16 years. She trained with Aliesa George, owner of Centerworks Pilates in Wichita, Kansas. She is also certified with AFAA (group fitness) and BootyBarre.  In addition to Pilates and fitness, Barbara has a master's degree in journalism and does some freelance writing and voiceover work. Her husband, Domenic is a pilot with Southwest Airlines and her son, Leo is an 8th grader at Mountainside Middle School. They just moved to Scottsdale from Little Rock, Arkansas, where they've lived for the last 17 years. 

  • Jen Jen

    Jen McNeely

    With a comprehensive Pilates certification from Balanced Body, including Stott Mat, Reformer I and II, Power Plate, TRX, Reiki Healing, Anatomy Trains, Neuro Movement Integration and Foam Roller techniques, Jen is committed to helping her clients build strength, enhance flexibility and improve their overall health and wellness. Jen was first drawn to Pilates as a teenager living in Toledo, Ohio, but it was only after she realized her corporate sales job moving her to Metro Detroit, Michigan area was taking a drastic toll on her health that she decided to pursue a full-time career in fitness. Years spent working a sedentary job left Jen struggling with her own wellness. Pilates, along with a commitment to eating whole, natural foods, helped Jen reclaim her health and strength. Now making her home in the Phoenix area, Jen believes in achieving wellness from the inside out to strengthen the body and maintain overall health. She encourages her clients to tap into their intuition and listen to their bodies to become comfortable inside of their own skin. Jen understands that each body is different, and her attention to precise, fluid instruction helps guide her clients toward their unique goals while equipping them with strategies they can apply to their everyday lives. 

    CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), Intro, CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins)