meet team Scottsdale Shea

  • Ashley Ashley

    Ashley LeGrand-Jahner

    Hi I am Ashley LeGrand-Jahner, I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and I have been living in Scottsdale for 10 years! I am a Certified Pilates Sports Center Instructor and I have been teaching for three years now and I absolutely love it! The thing I enjoy most about teaching Pilates is witnessing the change in my clients mind and their bodies, Pilates is such a disciplined practice and watching my clients confidence soar and how happy they are when they come to class is the most gratifying feeling. Pilates helped me become a stronger version of myself, through practicing pilates, not only did my body change (for the better) but I felt better! Taller, leaner, happier, less stressed. If you have been taking Pilates for years and/or you are a first time Pilates client, I highly encourage you to come in and take a class, you will be hooked! We offer a beautiful studio, excellent instructors and a fun environment to get in the best shape and feel like you are part of our Pilates family!

    CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Suspend 1.5 (50 Mins), CP F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) 2 (50 Mins)
  • Randi Randi

    Randi Graves

    Hello, my name is Randi Graves, I am from Pinetop, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University. Following college, I lived in Los Angeles, California, and Aspen, Colorado where I became a huge Pilates fan. I have been a Pilates enthusiast for over a decade now, which is why I began my journey as a Pilates Instructor 6 months ago. I specialize in working with people who want to better their sport and daily activities while making mind-body connections. As your Pilates Instructor, I promise to balance your body and teach you to move through your core using correct movement patterns that will greatly improve your performance, muscle tone, and decrease your risk of injury. Throughout my journey, I discovered that Pilates is not only a fabulous workout it is a place to teach your muscles to fire correctly so you can better do all your other favorite fitness/daily living activities. It keeps your body in complete balance. When I started Pilates my energy levels and physical posture increased drastically. I would love to see you come in for a complimentary class so I can help you reach your fitness and life goals. No matter if you have never tried Pilates before or if you have been doing Pilates for a long time, everyone is welcome to join me in the studio! I will provide you with a fun, motivating, and positive filled class, including excellent music to keep you smiling while I teach you how to move your body in the correct alignment. Look forward to meeting you at the studio!

    CP Reformer Flow 1 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP Control 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Suspend 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Center + Balance (50 Mins)
  • Emily Emily

    Emily Grout

    I am from New England and a Sun Devil. I have been teaching the Pilates method for six years and practicing for many more. A regular Pilates practice provided stability as milestones were passed through my teen years and early twenties. The consistency of the practice gave me strength and flexibility in mind and body to embrace and love change. It would be my pleasure to help you create a consistent practice to rely on as your body and life change. Come to class; expect laughter, joy, challenge, and growth.

    Demo, CP Center + Balance (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Control 1.5 (50 Mins)
  • Melanie Melanie

    Melanie Gentry

    I was introduced to Pilates in 2008, but it became my passion in 2011 as a supplement to my fitness and tennis regimen. I am a USPTA Certified Developmental Tennis Coach. I coached at the high school level in Green Bay, WI (GO Pack GO!) and have most recently taught junior tennis for the City of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills Park and Recreation Programs. Pilates has aided me in the rehabilitation of my torn Rotator Cuff and Elbow Tendinitis granting continued mobility and strength in my core and upper body. I believe in modification to gain the core understanding of Pilates and adding variations to an exercise when a student is ready for a challenge! I completed my Pilates Sports Center Teacher Trainer Program in 2012 and am a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

  • Jamie Jamie

    Jamie Tarkington

    Jamie was introduced to Pilates in 2003 when a fellow instructor suggested she try a mat class. This very quickly grew into a passion and love that was unparalleled to anything else she had experienced. Jamie’s connection to the discipline and hard work of Pilates led her to dive deeper into education and the idea of teaching. Since 2013 she has been sharing her love and understanding with others. She teaches all of her classes with upbeat and positive energy. Jamie is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher in Reformer, Chair and Cadillac and continues to attend workshops and conferences to expand her knowledge. She holds a BA in Communication from California State University Long Beach and enjoys spending time with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

    CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins), CP F.I.T. (Functional Interval Training) 1.5 (50 Mins), CP Reformer Flow 2 (50 Mins)
  • Jodi Jodi

    Jodi Stern

    Meet your instructor, Jodi! Jodi trained in the classical East Coast Pilates method and has been teaching for 20 years. She opened a successful studio in upstate New York which she sold to move out west. While in New York, Jodi was the fitness spokesperson for the CBS and ABC morning news shows. She has been the fitness expert for Gannett news services as well as various newspapers and magazines. Jodi was also featured in PilatesStyle magazine who wrote that she is "a conduit to fitness success".