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National Pilates Day Class Schedule

In celebration of National Pilates Day, Club Pilates will host 15 virtual Pilates classes, back-to-back on Saturday, May 2nd. The mission of Club Pilates is to share the benefits of Pilates with everybody, and that still holds true under stay at home orders. The free mat based classes will be 45 minutes and will feature 15 top Club Pilates instructors from across the U.S. and around the world!
7am ET / 6am CT / 5am MT / 4am PT: Core & Flexibility
Instructor: Amanda Duckstein | Home Studio: Club Pilates Scarsdale | IG: @aducks | We will flow through exercises that will strengthen and stretch to wake up the body. Movements will focus on corework, improving flexibility, and getting you centered for the rest of National Pilates day. | Instructor Bio: Amanda began practicing Pilates in college when she needed to add a new workout to her weekly regimen. She had been experiencing inexplicable back pain and from everything she had heard about Pilates, it seemed like the best option. She saw positive changes in the way her body both looked and felt almost immediately. After one month into her practice, she scheduled her first Teacher Training course. Amanda has certifications on the Mat and Apparatus through Power Pilates, Balanced Body, and Core Pilates NYC. She has now been teaching for 7 years, and has found the most rewarding part of her job is knowing how much better her clients feel. "It makes my heart so happy when I hear my clients - who all have different bodies and physical capabilities - tell me how much stronger their entire body feels; how their improved flexibility and posture lets them enjoy their favorite sports and activities better." She is excited to have finally made the transition into teaching Pilates full time and to share her Pilates knowledge with the world!
8am ET / 7am CT / 6am MT / 5am PT: CP Mat Flow - Level 1.5
Instructor: Femi Betiku | Home Studio: Club Pilates West New York | IG: @pilates_papi | All you will need is their mats and a chair to use for standing exercises! | Instructor Bio: Femi’s love for the human anatomy and movement led him on a journey to becoming a doctor of physical therapy. As a graduate student at New York University he learned the art of healing various musculoskeletal dysfunctions, while he acquired his strength and conditioning specialty. Femi first experienced Pilates practicing as a strength and conditioning coach, while working on his doctorate. His passion grew as he experienced how Pilates connected the mind and body during movement. He also treasures how much Pilates allows him to mentally engage and guide his patients to achieve complex movements. In 2015, After a few years practicing on the Reformer, Tower and Chair, Femi completed the comprehensive instructor training through Polestar Pilates at Hospital for Special Surgery. Femi enjoys traveling, weight lifting, and outdoor activities that allow him to enjoy the beauty of nature. With every session, Femi’s goal is to use his excitement and passion to assist his clients in getting one step closer to achieving their physical goals.
9am ET / 8am CT / 7am MT / 6am PT: Full Body Mat Pilates Flow - Level 1.5
Instructor: Shepherd Duncan Joseph | Home Studios: Club Pilates Wilmington / Wilmington South | IG: @shepilates | You will need light weights (or household items) 1-3 pounds. This class will be a fusion of Classical and Contemporary Mat Pilates- challenging the whole body in all planes of motions. | Instructor Bio: Shepherd first discovered the wonderful world of Pilates as a teenager through competitive dance. Later she dove deeper into Pilates training while attending East Carolina University to study Dance Performance and Theater.  Body awareness, injury prevention, breath-work, strength, and toning are the components that originally attracted Shepherd to Pilates, and continue to fuel her passion today. She loves nothing more than diving head first into training, teaching, and sharing the Pilates method.  Her certifications began with Mat and Reformer from NC Pilates and then completed her 750-hour comprehensive certification in Pilates Apparatus from Pilates Method Alliance.  She most recently completed her Master Training Certification through Club Pilates and leads our In-Studio Teacher Training!  Shepherd has also been trained in TRX, Booty Barre, VBarre, Kettle Bell and Zumba. In addition, she’s Hatha Yoga RYT-200 hour certified from the Kunga School of Yoga.  She loves working with clients of all levels and ages; athletes, dancers, post-surgery clients and brand-new moms.    “My job is my passion and passion is my job,” says Shepherd. “I feel blessed to be able to encourage you to take care of your body and become your best self through Pilates, a healthy lifestyle and a happier life! I’m so excited to embark on this journey with you!”
10am ET / 9am CT / 8am MT / 7am PT: CP FIT - Level 2
Instructor: Manuela Sanchez | Home Studios: Club Pilates Cobble Hill / Gramercy | IG: @pilates_and_dancing | This class will include a combination of contemporary Pilates mat exercises with traditional workout exercises in an interval training, fast paced class. Light hand weights (or substitutions) will be used.
11am ET / 10am CT / 9am MT / 8am PT: CP Mat Flow - Level 1.5
Instructor: Lorin Jetter | Home Studios: Club Pilates Brickell / Miami | IG: @lorinjetter | Bring small weights to this sweat session (or cans, bottles, etc) | Lorin grew up in and around dance studios in Topeka, Kansas. It was at the dance studio that she first discovered her love for and belief in the Pilates method as her competitive dance company took weekly Pilates classes to improve their technique. She continued dancing both competitively and semi professionally while she attended the University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!). After graduation, Lorin moved to Miami and bounced around between a few marketing and design jobs before re-discovering her love and passion for Pilates, and ultimately her second home at Club Pilates. Expect a fun and athletic approach in Lorin's classes and don't plan to take yourself too seriously!
12pm ET / 11am CT / 10am MT / 9am PT: CP Mat Flow - Level 2
Instructor: Somer Connolly | Home Studio: Club Pilates Florida | IG: @somers_pilates | Core work and lower body flow | Somer started doing Pilates in New York at the age of 13. She fell in love with the slow, safe movements that protected her from injuries throughout her soccer career. She started teaching Pilates during college, and continued her anatomical education by becoming a movement specialist and comprehensively certified Pilates instructor through STOTT Pilates in Toronto, Ontario. Pilates is her life, her passion, and her mission is to share this healthy movement lifestyle with everyone she can. Check out her classes for a mix of classical and creative contemporary moves!
1pm ET / 12pm CT / 11am MT / 10am PT: CP Mat Flow - Level 1.5
Instructor: Vanessa Johnson | IG: @worldwide_planksta | You will need a gym towel or hand towel along with your mat. Easy breezy, right?? | Instructor Bio: Vanessa discovered Pilates in 2001 while recovering from multiple injuries playing college basketball, and in it, she found not only a way to rehabilitate sports injuries, but also a core set of principles upon which she’s since built her life and career. Hailing from both the west coast and midwest, her ability to connect with people, establish trust, and explain and demonstrate concepts in innovative ways has helped her private and group clients in Southern California become stronger, stand taller, and feel better. Vanessa worked on the corporate Club Pilates team to help develop the Club Pilates franchise locations from the 28th open location to over 350 open locations. She re-wrote the Comprehensive Teacher Training program, established the Club Pilates Master Teacher Training program and was an integral part in the Club Pilates instructor bridge training program. As the Director of International training, Vanessa continues to lead Club Pilates educations around the world and help in the evolution of the trainings for Club Pilates education programs; she is certified through Long Beach Dance Conditioning for Pilates.
2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT: Peaks and Valleys
Instructor: Shalene MacKinnon | Home Studio: Club Pilates Royal Oak | IG: @shalenemackinnon_pilates | A playful, full body mat class - level 1.5. Flow through the peaks and valleys of the Pilates matwork and some fun contemporary variations as we move to the rhythm of your breath.
3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT: CP Mat Flow - Level 1.5
Instructor: Jari Neuman | Home Studio: Club Pilates Crofton | IG: @JariNeuman | No props needed! Bring your water and a mat. We will be moving the body in all directions and getting a good sweat in! | Instructor Bio: While working at the Crofton Club Pilate front desk, Jari fell in love with the practice of Pilates. She decided to pursue that passion by becoming certified as a Club Pilates instructor. In addition to teaching Pilates she works as a freelance production designer for films around DC/Baltimore area and paints in her spare time.
4pm ET / 3pm CT / 2pm MT / 1pm PT: CP Blueberry Ball - Level 1.5
Instructor: Cara Bonney | Home Studio: Club Pilates McKinney | IG: @caratwin | This will be a full Body Mini Ball Pilates workout! Bring your Pilates ball or a small pillow, deflated sports ball, a hoodie rolled up and cinched in the hood or even a roll of toilet paper! Modifications will be provided if need. | Instructor Bio: Cara holds a Masters’ Degree in Health and Exercise Management from the University of Cincinnati as well as Bachelor Degrees in both Athletic Training and in Exercise & Fitness from Purdue University. Cara worked several years in the sports medicine industry helping get athletes back to sports and injured adults returning to their fitness activities. Cara has been teaching Pilates over 10 years certified through Stott Pilates. Cara is also a Master Trainer for Barre Above. She discovered Pilates through her own practice while being an adult multisport athlete playing golf, tennis, triathlon and mountain biking. Pilates kept her moving uninjured while participating in all these activities.
5pm ET / 4pm CT / 3pm MT / 2pm PT: CP Mat Flow - Level 1.5
Instructor: Taylor Nation | Home Studio: Club Pilates NoHo | IG: @bfftaylor @getfitbff | Get ready to flow into an upbeat class with modern twists! Make yourself comfy on that mat, we've got 45 minutes. Who says you can't get a good work out while laying down? | Instructor Bio: Taylor is a Los Angeles transplant from the other LA -- Lower Alabama. When she was 252 months old, she discovered Pilates for the first time. She bounced around between different studios until one finally stuck: Club Pilates NoHo. Prior to teaching, Taylor spent over a decade creating online content which led her to marrying her permanent roommate and becoming (dog) mom to Selfie & Hippie. She loves country music, snacks, and is always up for a good dad joke. Her favorite time of day is 6am so if you’re looking for some high energy to start your day, Taylor is your gal!
6pm ET / 5pm CT / 4pm MT / 3pm PT: CP Sculpt - Level 1.5
Instructor: Megan Carbone | Home Studio: Club Pilates Tustin | IG: @megancarbone_ | This class will use light arm weights or even house hold items like canned goods, water bottles, etc. | Instructor Bio: Megan’s passion for health and fitness began at a young age while she was training as a competitive gymnast. It was during this time that she began mastering the concept of the mind body connection that is consistently brought up throughout Pilates. After nearly a decade of training she unfortunately suffered a hip injury that ultimately took her out of the sport. Despite this injury, her background allowed her to continue to place a major emphasis on health and fitness throughout her adulthood. In 2014, she graduated from USC with a degree in Gerontology. After college, she began teaching gymnastics to high school teens throughout the South Bay. During which, she enrolled in her first Pilates class and was instantly hooked! She loved the low impact and restorative nature of the Pilates Method. She continued to take classes for a few years before she ultimately decided to spread her passion for Pilates and fitness by teaching what she loves most. She has since completed her Pilates training in 2018 through Club Pilates.
7pm ET / 6pm CT / 5pm MT / 4pm PT: CP Prop Challenge
Instructor: Adam McAtee | Home Studios: Club Pilates Manhattan Beach and Culver City | IG: @adammcatee_fitness_and_pilates | This class will utilize a stick (or a towel held at tension) for a prop to challenge your strength and endurance throughout the class. | Instructor Bio: Hi, I’m Adam. I have been teaching Pilates for nearly a decade and am classically certified through The Pilates Institute of Southern California. Through my years of teaching I have been inspired to further my education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology-Exercise Science at California State University of Long Beach as well as continuing my Pilates education with contemporary approaches to the work.To me, knowledge is power and being educated on your personal movement patterns is priceless. As a result, in addition to injury mitigation one is able to extract more benefits from an exercise when they are able to understand how they are moving. A Pilates practice has the potential to guide you into a balanced movement sequence in which you consciously utilize mobilizers as well as stabilizers while achieving a given task. Such benefits not only help you understand your movements better, but you’ll get stronger in the process. The strength gained in Pilates should not be limited to the studio, but it should be an education that enhances your time lifting weights, cycling, running or simply pushing a shopping cart at the store. In my personal time, I enjoy traveling, scuba diving, riding my bike, attending comedy shows, and meditating. At Club Pilates, we do Pilates to do life with vigor and vitality!
8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT: CP Mat / Barre Fusion
Instructor: Alyssa Rubin | Home Studios: East Long Beach / Huntington Beach | IG: @alyssa.flows | This class will utilize a chair or railing as well as light weights. If you don't have weights, you can use canned goods, bottles of water, books or anything else you find around your house. | Instructor Bio: Alyssa became enamored with Pilates after 10+ years in the Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager and General Manager. After just 1 Pilates class she signed up for her comprehensive certification and decided to open Club Pilates East Long Beach with her husband Mike. Her favorite part about practicing Pilates is the total coordination of mind and body. Every body, at any fitness level, can benefit from the practice of Pilates and she loves to work with people who feel intimidated to get them to their goals.
9pm ET / 8pm CT / 7pm MT / 6pm PT: CP Mat Flow - Level 1
Instructor: Chisato Ishikawa | Home Studio: Club Pilates Yebisu Garden Place (Tokyo, Japan) | Chisa is representing Club Pilates Yebisu Garden Place in Tokyo. This is the first Club Pilates location that opened outside of North America!

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Each of the fifteen instructors will teach a 45 minute class over the course of the day. These outstanding Club Pilates instructors perform hundreds of hours of training to meet teacher standards so they can provide the highest quality Pilates workouts.

If you love Pilates and have been thinking about teacher training, now is the time. Our proprietary 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates education program is comprised of a blended education, including in person training, independent study, and online learning. Enroll in Club Pilates Teacher Training today!

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