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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a Club Pilates studio generate revenue?
The majority of your revenue will be from membership sales as well as the retail range and private training. Your membership rates will vary based on area demographics and we will help you set your pricing structure based on your unique market.
What can I expect to make from my business?
Income from each studio varies based on many variables including market size, demographics, efforts made by owners, competency, and economic factors.* During the validation process, you will have the opportunity to speak with Club Pilates owners and ask more specific revenue and income questions. *Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides you with in-depth information regarding projected annual earnings and revenues.
How much training willl I receive?
We pride ourselves on offering extensive, world-class support and training from the minute you sign your agreement. Initially, we have a mandatory, 3 day training course at our corporate office in Southern California. Once you have secured a location, we provide weekly sales and marketing calls in the lead up to your opening as well as one-on-one coaching calls & email communication. We also provide a 3 day General Manager training course and a 3 day Bridge Training course for all Certified Pilates Instructors. Ongoing training available to all franchisees includes weekly National Sales calls, 3 one-on-one sales training calls and constant email communication with the Sales, Retail & Marketing departments.
What training material will I receive?
When you join the Club Pilates family you will receive an operations manual as well as general manager training manual. You will be also be granted access to our online intranet with full access to all creative assets, POS, training modules, library of documents and guides. All of our material and access is designed to help you launch and operate your studio.
What time commitment do I need to make weekly?
The time commitment is completely up to you. Some owners maintain full-time jobs and watch over operations of their studio by fully staffing their studio with a general manager, sales representatives and instructors. Other owners operate their studios as either a full-time or part-time job and staff accordingly. It really depends on your circumstance and can work either way as our semi-absentee model is proven.
How much are the fees?
In comparison to other fitness franchises, the fees for Club Pilates are considerably lower. Our fee structure includes an initial $65,000 franchise fee and ongoingly, 8% royalty on gross sales and 2% on gross sales for the marketing fund.
What are the benefits to owning multiple studios?
Along with a reduced initial franchisee fee for additional locations and owning a larger portion of your local area’s market, the financial potential as a multi-unit franchisee is significant.
How will I know if my market is big enough?
We will help you determine what areas offer the most viable market and their growth potential as well as offer assistance selecting appropriate sites
Will I be supported in finding a location and building it?
We offer the most comprehensive support in real estate scouting and building out your location. We provide start-to-finish build-out coordination including corporate approved layouts, assistance with general construction, interior design, security & technology and manufacturer-direct equipment purchasing.
Who are the competitors for Club Pilates?
The main competitors you’ll encounter are other fitness clubs and local pilates studios however our proven system, structure, size and unit economics means you can offer best in class facilities, equipment, instruction, scheduling and better pricing. We can also help you evaluate your competition to ensure you stay competitive.
Do I receive exclusivity with my territory?
Yes. You will be granted an exclusive territory. You can discuss how Club Pilates implements its territory development with our sales team or refer to Item 12 of the FDD.
What is required to become a multi-unit franchisee?
Multi-unit franchisees need the financial capability to establish and build multiple locations over a specific time period in their region; something that can require significant time, funding and human resources.
What is a master franchisee?
A master franchisee owns the exclusive rights to sub-franchise the Club Pilates concept within their international geographic region. The master franchisee will replicate the Club Pilates business strategy in order to sell the proven concept to individual franchisees within that region where the designation of territory is established in the same way Club Pilates determines territories across the US.
Does Club Pilates offer Master Franchisee Agreements?
Yes, we offer master franchisee agreements for a number of international regions. If you’re interested in becoming a Master Franchisee in your country, please contact our headquarters in Southern California or visit our International Opportunities page.
What qualifications are required to become a master franchisee?
Master franchisees need the financial capability to establish and build a new business in thier region which is a significant financial, time and human resource commitment. They will need the experience required to build and grow a successful franchise with the potential to support hundreds of Club Pilates franchisees and thousands of members. While it is a substantial invesment and financial responsibility, the long-term rewards can be exponential.

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