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14 Soothing Self-Care Essentials to Gift - Or Request - For Yourself this V-Day


One of modern time’s greatest philosophers once said: “The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.”

(*sips cosmo*)

And since Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating relationships, consider this permission to gift bae — that would be you, mama — a special little something (or multiple somethings) that’ll serve as a reminder to slow down and treat yo’self. (And not just on V-Day, but every day.)

From a blanket that’ll make you stress less to a planner you’ll actually want to write in, we’ve hand-picked 14 thoughtful selfie gift ideas that’ll help you to find more moments to sneak self-care into your psycho schedule. Yep, shopping yourself to serenity is possible with our pro picks — and tips from experts and real mamas. Enjoy!

1. Reduce stress while you sleep.

2. Turn a sitz bath into a spa experience.

3. Pick the perfect planner for your life, mind *and* soul.

4. Smell the roses all day, every day.

5. Make time for a mini massage.

6. Take your daily smoothie to *cosmic* nutritional levels. 

7. Lubricate your love life.

 8. Throw a pretty party just because. 

9. Perk up (your body *and* mind) with Pilates.

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Article by Kelsey Haywood Lucas

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