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Exactly What to Wear to Your First Club Pilates Class, Straight From the Studio's Instructors

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When you're trying a new workout for the first time, the last thing you want to worry about is your outfit. Your mind is busy enough trying to master the moves — you shouldn't have to think about your sports bra not being supportive enough or the waistband of your leggings starting to slip. So, before you take your first reformer-based class at Club Pilates, you're going to want to check out these must-have workout pieces the pros love.

First, the basics: Kate Snyder, a Club Pilates instructor in Louisville, KY, recommends wearing fitted clothing like leggings, so both you and your instructor can keep a better eye on your form. She also recommends avoiding zippers at all costs. "You spend a majority of the class using the reformer, often times lying on your back," Snyder told POPSUGAR. "There's nothing more uncomfortable than a zipper digging into your lower back for 50 minutes!" Here's what four Club Pilates instructors wear to stay cool and comfortable.

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28" in Full-On Luxtreme

The Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28" in Full-On Luxtreme ($98) is made with a breathable, stretchy fabric, but you won't have to worry about these leggings looking too sheer. Plus, "the sweat-wicking Luxtreme fabric is perfect for holding those long plank poses to build up body heat," Snyder said.

Beyond Yoga Back Me Up Cropped Tank

You won't feel restricted by this Beyond Yoga Back Me Up Cropped Tank ($70), and that's crucial. "In a Pilates class, you'll work every plane of your body along with bending, twisting, and flexing the spine. Having an outfit that can stick with you while you navigate all your tiny secondary muscle groups is key," Snyder explained.

ToeSox Full Toe Elle Grip Socks

It's important to wear socks with some grip, so you can confidently move between poses without worrying about slipping. Snyder loves these ToeSox Full Toe Elle Grip Socks ($20) because they're so soft. 

Alo High-Waist Airlift Legging

The Alo High-Waist Airlift Legging ($118) won't slide down during your workout. "They make me feel supported, and make my legs and ankles look good," Amanda Duckstein, a Club Pilates lead instructor in Scarsdale, NY, told POPSUGAR.

Nike Pro Swoosh Medium-Support Sports Bra

Sports bras are arguably the hardest pieces to shop for. Duckstein recommends the Nike Pro Swoosh Medium-Support Sports Bra ($30) to her clients. "The [brand] calls it medium support, but it holds my chest in comfortably without cutting me off in bad spots," Duckstein explained.

Alala Compression 7/8 Captain Tight

The Alala Compression 7/8 Captain Tight ($125) is designed to improve circulation and aid in muscle recovery. Duckstein told POPSUGAR that these are some of the best leggings Pilates enthusiasts can buy because they don't budge, even during difficult poses.

Alala Essential Seamless Long Sleeve Tee

When asked what style top she recommends, Duckstein explained that she likes tees that complement her waist, like the Alala Essential Seamless Long Sleeve Tee ($80). "This [one] is fitted without being too tight," Duckstein said. The signature mesh detailing adds breathability, too.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II Tight

Kelsey Gephart, a Club Pilates master trainer in Jupiter, FL, is obsessed with the Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II Tight ($98). "They are the perfect rise and have a nice thick waistband, so they don't pinch but also stay put while I teach," Gephart told POPSUGAR. "Also, the pocket is totally clutch. This chapstick addict can keep it so close by!"

On Running Cloud Sneakers

The On Running Cloud sneakers ($130) come in a variety of colors and offer just the right amount of support. "I'm big on keeping my feet safe," Gephart said. "The bungee is just enough that my feet don't hurt from tight laces, but they have lots of support, too. They're a no-brainer for anyone with foot, knee, hip, or back issues!"

GapFit Breathe Boatneck T-Shirt

Monica Lodwig, a Club Pilates instructor in San Clemente, CA, loves this GapFit Breathe Boatneck T-Shirt ($26, originally $35) because the lightweight performance jersey knit helps keep you cool. Plus, it has thumb holes to help keep the sleeves in place.

Onzie High Rise Midi Legging

Onzie is Lodwig's go-to brand for leggings, in part because of the brand's fun prints (think: tropical patterns and animal prints). "When taking a class, these leggings are nice so instructors can see my form, and when teaching, so clients can see my tactile cues," Lodwig told POPSUGAR. Try the Onzie High Rise Midi Legging ($69).

Tucketts Pilates Ballet Socks
These Tucketts Pilates Ballet Socks ($15) have all the essentials: a toe-free design, grips to avoid slipping, and a stitched heel that helps the socks stay securely in place at all times. Lodwig explained that they're ideal for people who work out in warmer climate
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