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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Skipping a Workout

Will changing my workout plans affect my goals?  

If you are training for a marathon or a competition, consider how this missed workout will affect that goal. Skipping the last long run before your race might not be such a good idea. But if you are skipping a slow, easy run early in your training plan, and you’ve got a solid reason for doing so—as well as a game plan for how to achieve the bigger goal—that’s another story.

It’s also good to envision what it feel like to achieve your goal.

For Karen Tickner, a pilates instructor at Club Pilates, on days when her motivation is lagging, she will remember what it felt like in the past when she achieved a meaningful fitness goal.

“Usually, that feeling of accomplishment inspires me to get back on track with my mindset, and see my workout goal through that day,” Tickner said."

Read more from Club Pilates instructor Karen on Lifehacker for some extra motivation to get your movement in!
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