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Pilates program offers flexibility, balance training for older adults

Staying fit is important at any age, but especially as we grow older. Some seniors are finding the right balance with Pilates

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"I started doing it for balance and then I noticed so much strength in my core that it's helped my posture and I know it’s good for Osteoporosis because of your bones," said Susan Jenkins, 64, who said her first time to try Pilates was about a month ago.

Experts say it can be helpful in the prevention of osteoporosis because it helps with the elongation of the spine.

"Our main focus is core we want to really strengthen not just the abdominal area the whole core. So when people think of core they think of just abs it helps to protect the spine," said Laiken Hilton, instructor at Club Pilates which officially opens next week,

Another believer in Pilates is 68-year-old Chrisy Bickham, a trained dancer. She started after she tore her ACL 2 years ago, leaving her with limited exercise options.

"You can go and do floor work in a lot of places a lot of gyms have that but this is a completely different feeling," Bickham said.

It's different because most of the work is done on a Reformer machine like this, with tension springs to provide resistance.


The National Institute on Aging recommends four main types of exercise  seniors.

- Some type of Aerobic activity to build endurance.

- Weight bearing exercise for keeping your muscles strong.

- Balance to prevent falls.

- Flexibility to keep your body limber.


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