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5 Pilates-Inspired Core Moves that Will Light Your Abs on Fire

You will feel a major burn with these simple, slow and controlled exercises.

If you’re ready to take your ab workout to the next level, then it might be time to take a break from your current core routine and test the limits with some Pilates-inspired core moves.

Pilates focuses on overall strength, flexibility, and mobility using a variety of equipment and techniques.
For cyclists, the emphasis on core training that happens in a Pilates workout can help improve the three P’s: posture, performance, and power.

“Pilates-based moves are especially important for cyclists because the controlled, and oftentimes slow movements, focus on the development of the supportive, smaller groups of muscles. Usually these muscles are overlooked during a ride when the bigger muscles like the quadriceps and glutes are dominating the movements,” explains Club Pilates instructor and consultant for education Vanessa Huffman.

Makes sense, right?
After all, we’ve been told over and over again that these smaller, supportive muscles are the ones that help us kick it into gear when pushing up a hill or allow us to stay upright towards the end of a century ride.

Original Article by Sara Lindberg

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