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Kiss Your Bloat Goodbye With These 3 Super Simple Exercises

The holiday season is a time for family and fun. The last thing you want to worry about is added stress from uncomfortable bloating. Keep stress levels—and bloat—at bay with some Pilates core work!

Having a strong core enables the body to work overtime when needed. It also supplies length to create space for more motion throughout all the bodily systems. So, when it’s time to indulge, you'll be fully prepared thanks to a few simple moves that will leave you in a more comfortable state of body and mind.

How might Pilates exercises make you more comfortable during the holidays? Well, engaging your core can increase blood circulation and activate the lymphatic system—which in turn can release gas and de-stress the body! The Contrology Method of Pilates reminds you to zone in on your breath and connect to your body. You can naturally find more power in your movements with a mind-body connection that helps calm the nerves and release endorphins—it's a win-win!

These are some of my favorite exercises for when I need to relieve bloating. To perform this movement all you need is a mat!


Original Article by Manuela Sanchez

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