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New Partnership Gives Members Exclusive Health and Nutrition Coaching to Pair with Pilates Workout

New Partnership Gives Members Exclusive Health and Nutrition Coaching to Pair with Pilates Workout

Club Pilates has partnered with Profile Plan, a health and nutrition virtual program, to help members achieve all of their health and wellness goals both on and off of the Reformer.

Profile Plan coaches who have been trained on Club Pilates fitness methods will virtually meet with members who enroll in the program one-on-one every week to create a specialized wellness plan; as part of this personally-tailored program, Profile Plan coaches will help Club Pilates members to integrate the new health and nutrition practices with their existing and ongoing Pilates fitness routine.

“We know our members are committed to their own personal wellness and that’s why we are excited to offer them an exclusive program to provide individualized support to achieve their goals,” said Mike Gray, President of Club Pilates.

“We believe that, through this partnership, our members will experience an all-encompassing wellness approach.”

Club Pilates members, or anyone interested in this best-in-class wellness routine, can inquire with their local studio about how to redeem their exclusive member offer that includes a discount on Profile Plan’s services and an exclusive Starter Kit upon sign up.

“We are excited to partner with Club Pilates and provide an individualized solution to support their member’s wellness journeys,” said Nate Malloy, CEO of Profile Plan.

“With our variety of solutions, including nutrition plans, delivery of freshly prepared meals, and convenient virtual health coaching, we’re confident that this partnership will positively impact the lives of many members in the years to come.”

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