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St. Louis, MO native Jen Devine found Pilates at a young age. When her mother was diagnosed with arthritis, her physician recommended Pilates as a form of gentle movement that wouldn’t add stress to her joints. Her mother purchased Pilates DVDs, and Jen and her sister joined her. Jen immediately fell in love with the form of movement.

In 2008, Jen moved to Memphis with her husband. Jen decided to step back from her full-time job as a teacher and when considering part-time job opportunities, Pilates came to mind. Jen enrolled in instructor training and loved it. She has taught group classes and private sessions since 2010.

Joining Club Pilates

In July 2021, Club Pilates owner Tara Barnes reached out to Jen with the opportunity to become an instructor at Club Pilates. Tara, a trained physical therapist, opened her first location in East Memphis in 2016. Quickly finding eager clientele, Tara opened a Collierville location in 2018 and a Lakeland location in April 2021.

Jen now teaches at all three locations and is the lead instructor at the Lakeland studio. As the lead instructor, her main priority is to ensure the studio environment is healthy and safe.

She completes equipment checks, provides continued learning opportunities for teachers, and much more.

Club Pilates offers a variety of classes for all levels. New clients are encouraged to take a free, 30-minute introduction class where instructors review the different equipment such as the mat and the reformer, and how to use them.

After completing the introduction class, clients may take a variety of classes with focuses on elements such as cardio, strength, and balance. Club Pilates offers free, monthly workshops to members, where they dive deeper into specialized classes such as prenatal modifications, Pilates for runners, and more.

Pilates Misconceptions

Jen explains, “There is a misconception around who Pilates is for, women with an established fitness regimen, but Pilates is for everyone. It’s for people who have lost mobility, athletes looking to decrease bodily imbalances, elderly people focused on longevity, and fitness lovers looking to increase their strength.”

“No matter your age or body type, it’s never too late to increase mobility and strength.” Jen continues. “Club Pilates wants all bodies to come to the studio. We are not cookie-cutter – we want everyone to feel great.”

Instructors work with clients to provide modifications for any ailments they experience. Jen says, “We aim to serve the community by offering healthful movement. The studio environment is so positive. Our clients become friends and support each other. They cheer on new students.”

Jen shares more on increasing strength and mobility through Pilates on Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine here

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