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12 Things You Can Do to Chill Out the Minute You Leave the Office

Even after you've sent your last email and shut down your computer, it can be hard to truly turn off and de-stress after a long day of work.
Thankfully, there are easy and effective ways to calm yourself down after you walk out the office door.

Read on to hear some tried-and-true tips from stress experts about ways to chill out stat after your office bolt.
Whether you're headed to the gym, to happy hour, or just home to your couch for some Netflix.


1. Do a spine twist.

Before beginning your commute, find a quiet area where you can sit, like a bench outside the office building, and try a simple spine twist, suggests Sarah Luna, an instructor at Club Pilates.
To start, perch yourself at the edge of your seat with your feet planted on the ground and reach your arms out to the sides, keeping them at shoulder height.
Then twist the spine and turn your head to the right and left. Repeat a few times, then try the same motion standing up...


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