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How Much Do I *Really* Need To Work on My Posture To See Results?

How Much Do I *Really* Need To Work on My Posture To See Results?

 As seen in Well + Good | November 10, 2022

 Memories of my mom reminding me to “Sit up straight!” come to mind every time I think about my sometimes less-than-stellar posture. Younger me may have thought it was just a bit of harmless nagging, but now that I am in my mid-thirties, I can really feel that lower back ache after a day of sitting at the office. It’s hard not to think I should have heeded that advice a bit more. (Okay, okay, I hear you, Mom!)

According to the National Library of Medicine, correct posture can reduce back pain, an issue that affects more than one fourth of the working population. But while most of us know we should focus on keeping our body in alignment, how much should we really be working on it? According to physical therapist Femi Betiku, DPT, a certified Pilates instructor for Club Pilates, the answer is pretty often—daily, to be exact.

Read Dr. Femi's advice on Well + Good here.

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